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On Versions of Adventure

Introverts have enjoyed a recent surge in acceptance lately. Perhaps it hasn't gone so far yet to infiltrate school hallways,  locker rooms, or playgrounds. But one can hope. I am rather introverted. It wasn't until my thirties that I considered the possibility of isolation carrying any inherent risk.

I could go weeks without leaving my house if my life would allow it. In fact, doing so would probably result in an uptick in productivity and mental health. (I live for snowstorms people.)  Ask my friends. They will tell you about my inclination to bring a book to their awesome Halloween parties. You might hear about how I see them once every other month and that suits me perfectly. Just do me a favor and ask them instead of me. Because I'm an introvert. Remember?

But before this gets too self-congratulatory, let me recall the point. In my thirties, I considered the possibility that isolation carries inherent risk. It was a conversation with a friend from church. He was kind…

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