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Big Announcement

I hate clickbait; So Imma just say it: I finished my book. Dudes! I finished my book! I wrote all the way to “the end” of Winded Embers. 
I have poured lots of time and earl grey into this project. And I will just say, the payoff was really enjoyable. Despite having an outline, you never really KNOW how a book is going to end until it does. The ending satisfied my several years length battle with the English language. 
I cried (does that make me a loser? Crying at the end of my own book?  I don’t even care right now because I loved it).
The novelty of this step might wear off eventually (I plan to do this book writing thing for the rest of my life, God-willing). But not yet, baby! Right now, I am excited. 
This is my first novel-length work that actually resembles a book. There are monsters, heroes, epic battles, clever bad guys, and adorable magic creatures. 
This is not the first time I have thrown 50 thousand+ words at this story premise (more like 200k lets be real). However, thi…

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