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Dandelions and Borage

The other day I was out in the front yard battling some dandelion for territory on behalf of the borage. I confess I was not in a great mood. My to-do list is longer than the rake handle, and the faster I work the further I seem to fall behind. Last week I didn’t even get to write a short story. The kids need to get ready for their next activity, dishes pile up, and dreams of a writing conference dance (or loom—depending on the day) on the horizon. There is so much work to do.
Gardening, like most work, can be a thankless thing that promises an eventual reward to the loyal. Creaking in my knees and the grunts that come with getting up from the ground these days have made me want to swap my loyalty for a hammock and an iced tea. But my poor neighbors have put up with my landscape skills long enough. And the borage really needs some breathing room. I wedged my garden knife beneath the collar of dandelion leaves and leveraged as much of the roots out of the ground as I could. There’s rea…

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