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On Words

I remember being very little. The world was colorful and brimming with wonder. Everywhere I turned, the incredible hid from people. I was privy to a secret joke. 

I remember the day I used a word for the first time.  Sure I had repeated sounds to amuse my family.  But, when I realized the sounds possessed meaning, I was sad. But there was a day when I stopped swinging my sword around and wielded it.  I remember the first sentence I read.  My mom had written the words "I love you" on a piece of paper. She wanted me to read the words aloud. I knew what she wanted.  And I knew why.  I knew I could say it and what it meant.   I remember feeling uncomfortable and not wanting to.  I did not understand what love meant so I did not want to say it out loud.  I said it out loud to my mother's delight. I was happy too; but I was also frustrated because the words were not good enough.  
 I thought words were silly and insufficient to capture anything. "Cereal" was such an…

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