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The Dryad: Part 2 (of 3)

The dryad turned and squirmed and tried to make for the river bank. But how is a dryad seed supposed to swim? She should have asked a fish before she gave up her voice. A deer came to that stream most mornings to drink; and, this was one such morning. The deer lowered its head to the stream then lapped up the water. The dryad leaned in the current. With a little luck and all her might, she clung to the fur of its cheek. The deer finished drinking and walked along the stream. Grateful to be safe from the river, the dryad warmed herself in the breezy sun. They travelled like that for a time. Time and sunshine dried her skin. It was nearly time for her to be in the ground, but she had not yet reached the forest of stone. If she fell into the soil now, it would be many years before she could try again. She needed a faster way to the forest of stone. Everyone knew that the wind’s favorite dance partner was the river. She grew a spindle of silks, kissed the deer goodbye, and let go to be blow…

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