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Things I learned About my process by doing NaNoWriMo

I'm back on the map. I disappeared for the month of November to participate in National Novel Writing Month. A bunch of us crazies decided, "Hey, I want to write a book. I think 30 days right after school starts and in the middle of the holidays is the perfect time to churn out words to an arbitrary deadline to the tune of 200 pages." so that's what I did.

In the writing community NaNoWriMo is kind of a big deal. People tend to be divided on whether or not it is a good idea for them to participate. I had a wonderful experience with my very first Camp NaNo back in 2013 that led to my first book as well as the outlines for several others. I have also had some pretty terrible experiences that were filled with anxiety and dread that made me absolutely hate writing and want to give up my dreams of getting published (If you feel that way, don't do it. Hang in here with me).

I can't tell you what will work for you, but I can tell you what I learned about me (and hop…

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