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Winded Embers -excerpt-

Alex glanced back at the cave. A narrow path led away from it deeper into the forest. Broken branches and bent foliage indicated the path was made by a small creature, or maybe a deer. Alex was no tracker, but even she realized the path would probably end soon. Wandering through thick woods would probably make their situation worse, but it was better than staying here. You could hardly call it a trail, but it had the obvious advantage of leading away from here.

“What do you think?” Alex said nodding at the path.

Joanna stepped up beside her sister. She had armed herself with a pair of sharp sticks. Her hands shook with cold or fear, probably both. “We’re going to Rock Bottom Brewery and I’m getting a steak.”

“I’ll buy.”

For a moment the adrenaline rush of their successful escape carried them down the path in high spirits. The path disappeared quickly, but their hope didn’t. They discussed hot showers, fresh clothes, and excellent beer as they trudged over uneven ground. Twigs cracked…

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