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Whispering Stars and the Lonely bat

I once knew a lonely little bat.

This little bat was lonely because he lived in a cave all by himself next to a beach.  All day long he turned his excellent ears and listened to people playing in the sun.  He heard laughter and the screaming giggles of people splashing at the shore. He thought it would be lovely to join them on the beach.
One day, when he heard the noise from the beach, the lonely bat climbed along the wall of his cave toward the sunshine. Maybe he could fly around with them for a little while. But the closer he got, the worse the sun hurt his eyes. He crept back into his cave and said to himself, "At least I can still listen to them until the sun goes down. Maybe someone will still be here at dark. Maybe I can still make a friend." But after the sun went down, everyone went away. They stayed on the beach, but they were close to the city with all the bright lights. He didn't belong with them.
Another day he was lucky.  A woman came in from the beach. "…

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