Snapshot of my Current Work in Progress *Winded Embers*

During a calamity in the middle ages all creatures and beasts with magic were pulled from the world. Converted to Crystal, and suspended within a veil, they wait for a human bond to release them, that they might experience the fullness of life. The creatures cannot emerge from the veil without cause. Every human that becomes symbiotically bonded to a magical creature is lent power and tasked with a sacred duty to perform on behalf of the one that called them. 
In  Portland, Oregon Alex Taylor is a Bartender with a violent history who plans to make the world a better place for what is left of her family by removing herself from it. Her life's inevitable course is halted when her punching bag bursts into flame unleashing into her apartment a raven-like bird (Shade) the size of a truck. Hunted by a grotesque Wendigo (Legacy) that is drawn to the power of the new bond, and aided by a secret society from the Shanghai tunnels beneath the city, Alex must evade and kill the monster that hunts her or become a monster herself, resulting in a plague that would consume her city and the only family she has left. There's just one problem, she's vowed not to kill again, with one exception.  


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