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Where the heck have you been, Ames?

Hey Guys! I'm back. Are you shocked?
I fell off the map for a few reasons which I will get into in just a second. I also have a cool announcement to share with you guys so stick around for a minute.

Since I hate clickbait and am impatient, here's a treat at the very beginning! I fell in love with a new project. I'm not giving out details on it yet, but here's a teensy tiny excerpt... Just because I love you guys! 😘

"Laughter is potent magic," he said, gliding between the twin trunks of a cedar. "It bounces off of beings and things, taking a piece of them and creating something completely new."
"Does all laughter create?" I said, keeping pace with him.
"Yes." His mouth clamped into a hard line for a moment before he continued, "When a person laughs in cruelty, that source is infused into the sound and it becomes its nature. It's like a whip then. A hard crack that peels a part off of everything it touches, tr…

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