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Conference is here. Time to freak out?

Hey All! It's Conference Time! I am going to my very first writing conference this week, Realm Makers! I am beside myself with anticipation.

I can't wait for the lessons and the ability to connect with more writer buddies. Besides the seminars, I have 4 meetings scheduled for that weekend. This conference is pretty much my tribe. I get to spend a couple days with nerds who love Jesus, writing, and are into fantasy, sci-fi, and speculative fiction. I have packed, booked flights, and figured out my costume for the banquet (Steampunk Gambit here I come!).
The only thing left to do is freak out! This conference is well beyond the limits of my comfort zone. These past two weeks my PTSD has pulled out all the tricks possible to get me to stay in a "secure" place. Besides the usual hypervigilance/ hyperventilation/ etc, I have had four panic attacks as I geared up for the conference (but I haven't blacked out or tossed my cookies, which is a big win for me). My adrenal …

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