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The fight of my life.

Violence (trigger warning) in movies doesn't bother me because it is often so fake. It stands so far from the real thing, that I consider it comical. Snarky one-liners fly between bone-cracking and blood-spitting swagger. Add in the occasional nuclear warhead to the chest and like most people,  I'm laughing.

I say this because I've been in more than my share of fights.   Please understand that is not a boast like something quipped by an underdog hero from the movies I just described.  I mean I've been IN more than my share. I've physically occupied the same room as someone while his fist bruised 3 of someone else's ribs, causing permanent kidney damage. 
That was not the worst fight of my life. 
I've stood in a doorway holding my breath, hoping not to be in the way of the stronger one.  I've stood in the way of the stronger one, hoping the weaker one would run away, even though she chose not to.  
That was not the worst fight of my life.  
I was the…

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