Where do you get your ideas?

It's an innocent enough question. It is one that most writers have to answer at some point in their career. Why not start now?  This post is the first in an ongoing series. Once a month, I'll give you a sneak peek at the fun outings and diversions that make up my book research.

This month I'm going to give you a snapshot of my visit to the Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals. I have been curious to drop in for the better part of a year; this weekend I finally got the chance.

I drug my husband and littlest kiddo out to turn over a few rocks and see what came of it (see what I did there).

I could spend weeks in that museum. The staff was delightful, polite, and informative without being droll. My son's favorite part was digging through the rock pile to retrieve a souvenir specimen (he found a big chunk of red jasper). That is when he wasn't jumping in a puddle in his rubber boots. The dinosaur fossil was stiff competition for sure.

But for me, the best part was the moment that my book found a sparkling gem of inspiration. I'd like to introduce you to the Oregon Sunstone.

In addition to the exhibits on silicon wafers and various crystal structures (all of which will be informing my narrative), this little beauty gave me the perfect source material for a crucial piece of technology in my upcoming book Winded Embers.

If you are going to be in the greater Portland area with some time to kill swing by the museum.


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