The Black Cats

I have a sister and two cousins with whom I have always been close. 

When we were little we were all little nerdettes that loved horses and nancy drew books. We rode bicycles and thought we were awesome. We were each other's biggest fans from the time W. snuck upstairs on Christmas Eve (egged on by the rest of us) and got in trouble with Grandma for being awake at such an hour. It didn't take long for us to form a crime-fighting gang. It was probably K's idea, but it was unanimously agreed upon by R. A. and W. immediately. 

Yes, in case you wondered we proudly declared that we R.A.W.K.!

Inoculated against boy cooties, and dressed all in black, we were unstoppable. We would ride bicycles and patrol the neighborhood around whoever's house we were visiting that day. We stopped a terrible wildfire that caught in the green space behind our cousins' house (and by that I mean we found the matches and charred ground several days after the fire occurred).  
We passed the time telling each other stories of how awesome we are together. We planned to change the world.

Then we all grew up. 

R. got a smart degree and became a career minded woman whose skills were in demand. 
W. never stopped being an effective dreamer. She got her degree then cut an album that we all adored (Check out one of my favorite songs HERE). 
K. became a scientist, then she became a hero. 
A. got her degree (and was K's flatmate in college), before having a family and beginning a career as an authorpreneur. 

The story seems like it should have a happy enough ending there. But our intrepid heroes realized that the world was still a dark place. Crime still needed to be fought. They still needed to be awesome. They were never more awesome than when they were together. But time and necessity had pulled them across states and countries. How can you come together in different time zones? Friendship is built on shared experience. How can you share an experience across time and space?

They say story transcends time or location. Who among us has read a book and been transported to another era or continent? Has story not taken us to other civilizations and cultures? 

Our heroes began to wonder, what could they experience together? What can they build through a story?

So I sent them each a call to arms. I reminded them of our sacred story. We grew up to be the awesome women that we dreamed of from behind handlebars and black clothes. I reminded them that...

I have a sister and two cousins with whom I have always been close.  

It's time to establish a digital headquarters. We can train new recruits and continue the mission. We will pass the time telling each other stories of how awesome we are together. We plan to change the world. One nerdette at a time. 


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