Big Announcement

I hate clickbait; So Imma just say it: I finished my book. Dudes! I finished my book! I wrote all the way to “the end” of Winded Embers. 

I have poured lots of time and earl grey into this project. And I will just say, the payoff was really enjoyable. Despite having an outline, you never really KNOW how a book is going to end until it does. The ending satisfied my several years length battle with the English language. 

I cried (does that make me a loser? Crying at the end of my own book?  I don’t even care right now because I loved it).

The novelty of this step might wear off eventually (I plan to do this book writing thing for the rest of my life, God-willing). But not yet, baby! Right now, I am excited. 

This is my first novel-length work that actually resembles a book. There are monsters, heroes, epic battles, clever bad guys, and adorable magic creatures. 

This is not the first time I have thrown 50 thousand+ words at this story premise (more like 200k lets be real). However, this is the first time it actually produced a readable story.

It even read like a real-life book when I put it on my kindle.
So pretty!  Yay me! I finished my book!     


Now, the questions that I usually get right about now are things like, “where can I get it?” or “what’s next?” etc.

So, Here’s the skinny:  a finished manuscript does not a book make. This thing needs some revision (for realsies people). But I have been working on this project for about 5 years (Yeah, I know). We need a break from each other. 

In order to gain some objectivity, I am letting Winded Embers cool off on an unused shelf in my library for a couple months. But I am not using the intervening time to thumb twiddling or lollygag or other words with silly double letter sounds that make one giggle. There is plenty more writing to be scribbled (okay I do that one).

Thanks for reading my announcement and joining in the excitement with me. If you are following my writing journey please leave a comment and let me know (or subscribe to my email list so you don't miss any updates).
I know people are reading, my metadata says so. But I have no idea who you people are. And that's just a shame. Don't you think?


  1. Wow. The punctuation and grammar errors in this post are remarkable. I was too excited to follow the rules. Ouch. However, the enthusiasm charms me; so I'm not going to edit it. I'll save the editing for real work.


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