On Progress (New Project Announcement)

Have you ever seen the long-term projects undertaken by cool artsy type people? You know the story. A painter does a self-portrait on a 2-inch square for 365 days and goes from kindergartner-level skills to Rembrandt. A photographer commits to producing 1 high-quality image per day and a gorgeous calendar is born (go search Tatsuya Tanaka if you want to lose hours of your time scrolling through brilliant photography online).

The artist's self-portrait on day 1 looks nothing like the self-portrait from day 365. The former is outclassed by the latter. A worker who consistently shows up to ply their craft will produce incredible results over time. Regardless of the artist's preferred medium, the pattern that emerges consistently is one of progress in excellence over time.

I want to do that! (Not the scrolling through photography part, the producing incredible results part). While I have had some success (finishing that first draft of Winded Embers was a rewarding milestone) I am not yet satisfied with my results.

I will admit that I am also a bit stuck with my current WIP Winded Embers. Since finishing the draft in August I just can't seem to get the wheels rolling on it again (bashing the plot apart with a red pen hasn't created momentum, go figure).

What's a girl with an inking problem to do?

I have had the great privilege of taking a peek into the publishing process of some fellow writers. My colleagues have given me indispensable tricks and insights into how to get a book finished. Most of these strategies fall under the huge SUNSHINE-BLOCKING-DARK-SHADOW-CASTING-HAPPINESS-ABSORBING-UMBRELLA-OF-DESPAIR-KNOWN-AS-REVISION WHICH WILL SUCK UP AN INDETERMINATE AMOUNT OF MY REMAINING DAYS UNDER THE SUN.
**ahem.** [insert intellectual quote about rewriting from some famous dead author]

"All writing is rewriting." 
-Ernest Hemingway

[there, that's better.]  So _Winded Embers_ is on its conveyor belt of slow steady progress toward its eventual future (publishing house or charnel house TBD).

In the meantime, one must also cultivate the practice of writing many stories if they ever want to excel at it.

So here's how it works:
Starting in April, I write a brand new short story each week and post it on Fridays. You read it (and let me know if you liked it).
I have developed a handy- dandy little list of 52 short story ideas I would like to share with you, my lovely readers, one week at a time.

Be warned! The first few stories will probably suck! I have a maximum of 3 writing hours I can dedicate to this project each week and about half an hour for revising and uploading. I'm hoping that if you stick with me, I will provide you with some great content just a little way down the trail.

I am excited about this new project. I have so many stories I want to share. Look for them every Friday starting in April!
[insert quote about writing from a cool local writer whose writing hasn't killed him like EH]

"You become a great writer by writing lots and lots of stories, not by rewriting the same story over and over again."
-Scott William Carter

If you want to keep reading you can check out some of my short stories in this series:

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