Winded Embers Status Update

I'm feeling pretty hyped, everybody! 

I've been messing around with photoshop and this is the book cover I created. I will probably see about getting a professional cover designer (because come on, I haven't used photoshop in a million years and there are some talented designers out there), but in the meantime, I am loving this one. (Any time I have a new update on Winded Embers, expect this little beauty.)
June is almost over and July is time for CampNaNoWriMo!

The original idea for this book was something that I discovered during CampNaNo way back in 2013. I love the symmetry of wrapping it up during the summer session of CampNano this year. I had not intended to take part in NaNo this summer (I am going to a writing conference in the middle of it. lectures= very little time to write), but my regular production schedule coincided too perfectly NOT to participate.

So this is my current plan:

I have an open schedule tomorrow and only 3 tasks left on my prep list. 
1: Sort out my villain (3 point arc, backstory, dastardly plan)
2: Sort out "the team" (minor characters only get a 3 point arc)
3: Take my pre-existing scenes and lay them onto Jami Gold's Master Beat Sheet. (and fill in the blanks) 

Writing (or in this case re-writing/ revising) starts July 1st! Because of the conference, I have a limited number of writing sessions this month. 

To hit my target word count I am hoping to revise ~1700 words, and write ~1700 new words each session. That will be difficult, but well within my capacity.

So, assuming that my kids don't get sick, nobody gets food poisoning, and my babysitters/ daycare workers don't call in sick or want to go on vacation a single time for the entire month of July, I could actually finish this book before the month is out!  What could possibly go wrong?

To read an excerpt from Winded Embers click here.



  1. Where's my copy! I can't wait for this book to be done.


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