Writing: Process and Journey

I can't believe I've been doing this short story project for three months already! Thank you so much for reading and supporting me!
Today I am taking a quick break from the short stories. I want to share what I've learned so far and how this project will inform my author business. 

Lessons Learned:

  • I enjoy writing these short stories.
  • My production schedule is a bazillion times more consistent during the school year (ya hear that? It's the sound of a couple hundred parents slapping their foreheads and saying, "duh!").
  • I need to separate my FB accounts into personal and a professional author page.  
  • I want to continue improving my craft.
  • I will never finish improving my craft.
  • If I continue investing in my craft, I also need to make money at it. 
  • I don't want to have ads on my blog to make money by blogging. 
  • I am a chicken. These short stories are fun, and I put my heart into them every time. But, I also have novels I have poured my heart into for years. Novels I could push toward publication.

Moving Forward

As previously mentioned, I am going to the Realm Maker's Conference July 18-20, where I get to hang out with a bunch of Speculative Fiction nerds who also happen to love Jesus. I have a handful of appointments with other industry professionals and a bunch of classes on the publishing process. I am excite bike. I can't wait!

No really, though. I can't wait for a second. There is so much to do to get ready. So, I need to take a break from the weekly blogs for this next quarter. But stick around because I have some other things to share over the summer. Plus, I have some fun plans for this fall (I'm not saying, a book is coming soon, but I'm not not saying it either). 

What's The Point?

If you take nothing else away from this post then hear this:
You only get better at something by trying,  failing,  learning,  adapting, then doing it all over again (mitigated by the occasional tear stained desire to quit, but that passes).

 My first book should be the worst one I write. I should improve over time, right? Isn't that what this whole short story project was about in the first place? 

It might not be all I am capable of, but recently I have had cause to think that it's better than I think.  
Frankly, I hope there never comes a day when I am genuinely satisfied with what I've written. 

So here I go. I hope you come with me.  Try something.  Fail.  Get back up and do it again.

What failure are you afraid of? Let's talk about it in the comments.

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